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Silly vid to (potentially) help with learning note names


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I dunno about you, but I often learn things better when they're put to a song, rather than on their own.  (My attempts at learning note names on their own haven't been that good, so far...)

I'm also probably in a minority here, but I'm also a bit of a Japanese/Anime nerd.  (Not a hardcore nerd, but it is something I enjoy.)

There's this thing called "Vocaloid," which is basically synthesized singers, with voices provided by actual people - this helps make them higher-quality that other synthesized voices, though the skill of the user is also a factor (not to mention improvements to the software and such have made a difference).

Even though the first Vocaloid voices/personas were English, it really took off in Japan.

Some years ago, someone made a series of songs meant to test Vocaloid voices and see how well they perform under different circumstances - singing quickly, and whatnot.  They became something of memes, with people trying the songs out with different voices for Vocaloid, and the spinoff Utauloids ("utau" being Japanese for "sing").

Two of these songs are pitch-range tests, where the singer calls out the note names.

So... if you don't mind listening to something silly, here's one of the range-test vids - seemed like the best I could find (though I think the vid creator cheated with the "lowest" notes and bumped them up an octave...).  It could potentially help with note names, either more-or-less on its own, or in combination with other exercises.

I suggest singing along with the note-name sections... as well as you can. :classic_wink:

Hope this helps someone. :classic_biggrin:

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On 11/22/2021 at 3:37 PM, Scia said:

Singing and/or playing along.  I can't seem to edit my post anymore.

Hi Alan here, i just listened to the att'd notes video clip, gets a bit painfull those high notes at the end. For alot of us remember there was a film called sound of music, in that there's a song called Doe a Deer, interesting to transpose 1=Do, 2=Re, 3=Me, 4=Fa, 5=So, 6=La, 7=Te  and back to 1=Do, but at the next octave higher. For beginers its good practice to play and sing the song, just choose the key. Think most play is fron the C note 3rd fret A string. But of course you can play it in other keys from different key notes.

In my generation all our kids watched this Julie Andrews film until the adults got fed up with it. But its a good guitar practice item to play along & follow the notes.

Just a bit more trivia, not painful on the ears. Alan

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