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Using 12 Bar Blues

Alan Desmond

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Quiet the forum posts, so thought I'd post a simple 12 bar example new guys look'g to play something may try. Attached sh't shows chords, but u can play follow'g slight different notes only as similar 12 bar blues set up

Start A@e string 5, next A#D7 then G@D5. And E@A7 that's ur first 4.

Start D@a string 5, next D@G7 then C@G5, And A@D7 that's ur second 4

Start E@a string 7, then E@G9 then   D@G7, and B@D9 that the third 4.

To spice it up u can always add two more notes to each group of 4, example 1 set AAGE then add D & back to E.

Similar for second 4 add another G back to A, so becomes DDCA plus G-A also try the same pattern from different A key notes A@D7 cater for G-B warp zone, Then try from A@12 then A@17 @ A@19. There's a nice turn around for this too, if anyone wants just ask. (this a bit long)











12 Bar Blues.jpg

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