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Hi from another guitar noob!


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Hi, all...my ambition is to beat out Leo Kottke in a picking match!  NON!  😉  Seriously, I admire Kottke's wizardry but am enjoying learning little by little all the skills that go into a total guitarist's toolkit.  I do watch performances on Youtube a good deal and always gravitate to the finger-style pros.  I use a 12-string (that's what Kottke started out with too...) and love the sound, but it comes with a price of extra effort and working on fretting techniques.

I hope we can all share some tips to help each other.  Here's a tip that I picked up somewhere that works for me.

If you are going to be away from your guitar for a number of days, I found that dipping my left fingertips into a little apple cider vinegar in a dish helps preserve your hard-won callouses.  (Especially important for 12-stringers as they are extra hard on fingers.)

Not rocket science but very useful!

Bonus tip for 12-stringers.  I almost gave up on my 12 due to the heavy strings that came with it.  A guitar shop guy said I needed lighter strings.  He was right!  Night and day difference!  I may go back to heavy strings for sound volume but for now, I can play my 12 pretty much as if it were a 6 as far as finger pain goes.  I would never have guessed.

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