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Weird thing I discovered with Guitar playing and training

Kyle F

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I have been trying to figure this out for years now, I get to a skill level and for some reason (before taking this course) I would lose interest and stop playing. I would then come back to the guitar and learn that I didn't lose any of the physical skills from the training (except for hammer on's and pull off's). And certain things got easier after taking extended breaks, have any of you experienced this before. One would think you would lose everything, I draw also and I noticed with that if you take a break forget it, the loss of skills will be very apparent. 

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Hi Kyle and Fred, I think a lot of us have the same experience when forced to have a break from playing for one reason or another. It's comforting that the human brain seems to retain the musical note pattern and for me anyway the classic things I tend to play mostly uses the same pattern just shifted to different Octaves in many cases even trying a key change still works. Of course have to cater for the warp zone between b & g.

Cheers for now


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