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E Maj Position Charts


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Hi I haven't got a specific answer yet on where the E Maj Pentatonic Position charts are. The teacher of Lesson: How to Play Every Right note with Pentatonic scales, said he would post it. Can someone tell me where that would be please.  Also what is his name?

I'm struggling to understand WHERE position 1 starts in E maj pentatonic then where position 2 starts and so on.

He confused me by saying it can be where you want it to be?????

So this is what I (think) it is... 

Open E then F# then G# then B then C# then E 1st Octave. If you continue to play the next F# Is this the start of "position 2"?

If I have this all wrong pls let me know.

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15 hours ago, Craigt61 said:

Assuming i have it correct, it Starts with position 1 of the pentatonic, pinky on E for major pent.  1st finger on E for minor.  Since E major is at the nut, you can only place a few notes on position 1, then position 2 will be on the first 3 frets

The fret board's ever repeating pattern. So suggest you go to the 12th fret E play & work out write down notes from published chart. Then list the actual notes you'r playing. Remember you don't have to play at the nut unless you really want low pitch There's plenty of other E root notes on other strings,.Just at different octave

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