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Stranberg neck modification

Desert Jim

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I invested in a Stranberg Boden 6 guitar last year after being intrigued by the description.  I love the tone but the high-tech faceted neck was too fat and felt too weird for my hands.  So I took it in to my luthier to have him sand down the neck and largely get rid of the facets and its native "2 by 4" of a neck feel.  A very significant amount of wood was removed by the sanding.  Now I can play it much better with the much skinnier neck that is just like a traditional skinny rock guitar neck.  Has anyone out there ever heard of someone doing this to their Stranberg guitar?  Does anyone out there know any Stranberg owners who detest the native shape of the Stranberg neck and want a slimmer, more playable neck on their Stranberg?  If yes, I'll be happy to share my experience with them.

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