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My Introduction

Dusty D

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I got interested in music as a kid growing up watching and listening to my uncles playing and singing. I picked up the guitar when I was about 10 and learned a few chords and realized I had a decent country voice. I can accompany myself with the few chords when I sing. But I have always wanted to be able to actually pick the songs like Willie Nelson or other country artists. I pretty much gave up singing and playing a few years ago because I didn't have a place to practice or play without disturbing someone. Now I have a room in my shop that is all mine, and I can make as much noise as I want. So, I am going to start practicing and hopefully be able to pick it up. I am 56 and have noticed my hands are a lot stiffer than they used to be. I'm kind of worried about that. But I'm going to give it a big try. My ultimate goal is just to be able to accompany myself with confidence and more than with just basic chords. I have recording equipment set up and I want to record myself and maybe post some cover songs on Youtube or something like that. I am not interested in becoming famous or touring or anything. I am a full time Respiratory Therapist until I can retire. So, My Goal here is to learn to play as well as I possibly can and play my own music for covers and possibly write my own music. Here are a few pictures of my little studio. I am excited for this journey and to meet some Awesome people along the way!!!




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