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So great to be here!

Ryan Withrow

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Hey there, everyone!

My name is Ryan Withrow and I currently live in Austin, TX with my incredible wife (Christa), splendid cat (Luna), and fuzzy doggo (Pancho). I've been playing guitar since I was 12 and even taught for many years of my life. In fact, it was ultimately my educational decision to study Music Theory/Composition with a primary instrument/minor in Classical Guitar. Thus, that lead me right to the world of metal with 7 and 8 string guitars.

Most of my goals are focused on lead guitar playing and attempting to morph myself into a John Petrucci clone. See my DNA collection photo below:


My go-to guitars are as follows...




My ultimate dream is to remain focused on getting better throughout my life, honestly. That's all.

As long as we're improving and actually ENJOYING the process, what else matters?!

Glad to be here!

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