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Repeats Make a Difference

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I have been quiet here for a while, and it wasn't just the holidays. I even took a break from the Academy classes. Why? Well, I went back through a few of Jonathon's classes for probably the fifth time. I only had an ASL interpreter help the first time through and then rarely through the other times, so it was kind of difficult. No complaints, but since I finally got an answer from the staff that they couldn't add closed captions to those classes, I made a point of saving the money to hire one. I got lucky or should I say blessed that I found one willing to charge a little less because it wasn't technical material in the sense of medical or legal, and she sings in her church choir and understands some music theory. Plus, plus for me. lol


Anyway, going through this again with the understanding that I have achieved through Academy classes, and the confidence gained through a live one-on-one made a big difference in my ability to glean more from the content. Jonathon really is a very good teacher who puts things in a different way from pretty much anyone out there. I am currently going through the Play Any Chord Anywhere on the Neck which was extremely hard for me to understand before and my hands really couldn't do the fingerings then. I have evidently improved my dexterity over the time despite the addition of a ganglion cyst on top of my left wrist because I am much better at making the chords work now. The daily practicing I have been doing in the maybe 2 years of my BTG journey is slowly paying off despite being 61 and various arthritis afflictions, so I say never give up.

I guess my biggest breakthrough is now pulling these chords from the diatonic scales and pentatonic scales is now more of a visual image in my head. I can see where they are coming from. I think that is making it all come together better for me. Yeah, I know I am slow, but slow as a turtle still makes the journey. 

I have been practicing my lead, too. I think my bends are getting better, and I understand better when it is best to do a slide in or slide to another part of the fretboard, etc. Phrasing is definitely improving. 

I guess I will end by saying again to take the time to go through Jonathon's classes multiple times even as you advance. I find things I didn't find before or see it more clearly over time as I gain my knowledge and experience. He still doesn't bore me at all.

I miss some people, though, that I started with here. I am sure they are still here, but formats have changed, and they have probably moved on faster. 

I hope I can soon afford to try the Accelerator or True Musician or whatever programs if they think I can fit in enough. Regardless, I'm still going forward and refusing to get stuck or give up. 

DeafBlind Renée

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