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Hello everyone.  I've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but always kept putting it off for one reason or another.  Recently retired and have been going to see a lot of live concerts and have also gone down some rabbit holes discovering some great music I missed out on over the years.  I don't have any real excuses now not to try to learn.  A friend leant me a couple of his guitars (electric & acoustic) and I've been having fun tinkering around with them for the last few months.  Time to get serious now as I'm about to buy my own electric and acoustic guitars and also sign up for some one on one lessons at a local music store.  Hoping this site will also help me along my guitar journey.  Cheers! 

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Hi Billy I feel like I'm talking to myself cause my name is Billy also. I don't want sound like I'm talking to a new new beginner I don't know what your level is so far but this is where i started in the 60's. First knowing your strings, from the high E which is the smallest to the top E .

E B G D A E   Start from the bottom  Give them names I've heard of a few but I learned mine starting at the bottom High E

E very  B ad  G iant  D ies  At  E ighty  Sounds crazy but that how I learned my strings You can name what you want to help you learn them.

Next is tuning  Make sure you are in standard tuning. There are apps out there to help with that. There is more in Guitar break through to help get through the rest. 

Pick on

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