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Remembering the letter notes .

Total Disorder


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2 hours ago, Total Disorder said:

 Looking for ways  to remember that BC.  and EF and side by side in the letter line up. Like the open string saying EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE GOOD BY EDDIE .

Any one use a certain saying ? thanks

I don't know about Eddie. Burt I came across what some call the 3 sets of 2 string arrangement of the fretboard. We all start by learning the open strings for tuning EADGBE. It's also good to committ to memory the 5th fret notes ADGCEA. There's a lot of good songs that use the proximity of G to C to B and E to F all around the 5th fret.

As you posted wherever you find G then 1 over is always C. Wherever A then 1 over is D. Wherever B then 1 over is E.

What Johnathan refers to as ever repeating pattern. You just have to account for warp zone if you play between the G and B strings. All comes down to practice - practice and remember octave positions.

cheers for now. Enjoy

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