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finger picking course

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Hello forum

I just finished the fingerpicking course and feel more confident with many of the patterns but I was disappointed with the two Travis patterns demonstrated for E and C

as there were no suggestions for playing songs with basic travis picking... that would have been helpful. I also found that many of the quick little patterns played with very interesting but the instructor did not give any time to practice these. When it came to playing songs, the songs were very good but I think too complicated for students just learning travis style. I would appreciate some basic travis picking songs to play to get more familiar with the patterns and chord changes

Thanks for listening

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Alan here, been doing BTG for more than 2 years now. I see courses as a starter to give you ideas to experiment yourself. So just recommend you do that.

I use Travis picking & mix in with strums when I want more body often at end of phrases.

When playing In E or G I start with E as base then pattern is 6432123 and when A or C 5432123 then D or F then D as base 432123. But when you apply it to a song then you adjust tones to suit.  Lots of songs you'll find take a finger off play an open string. Just experiment as some songs you'll want a different base note. Remember music's guide lines no rules

Often I do a song verse as described abóve then position play like scale notes at the octave that best suits song pitch.

Also recommend you try using triad chords sometimes in place of 1st pos'n

If you send me an email I can share a couple of instructional clips you may find useful. Just remember it's a journey we're all learning new stuff all the time.  alandesmond2014@gmail.com



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Hi Allan

thanks for the response. can you tell me which fingers you use  for the 6432123. I tried my thumb on 6 and 4 and used 1st 2nd and 3rd fingers (no the pinky) to play the other notes. Is this how you do it and what rhythm do you use. Do you play the 6 then the 32123 and then the 4 and 32123, like travis picking

regards, Walter

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Just letting you know I'm just another student not a teacher or anything like that. So just letting you know & sharing what I've learnt myself.

Most Published material uses a notation TMRI. That's T for Thumb, I for Index, M fo middle,. R for Ring. Then you use the thumb for the base note, other fingers you need practice to match the melody u hear in the particular song, many players just use index, middle & ring. It's just a matter of practice & finger strength. Some songs use 2 base notes like E&D or A&D referred to as Travis picking.  depends how comfortable you can use ur thumb for 2 base notes.

there's so many different styles & great players out there. So I would recommend start slow with simple songs. There's lots of free finger pick'g courses to practice on the web you can try.

my opinion is you can get so much more enjoyment from your play'g. ßy mixing strum of chords with picking Arpeggio's & using open strings ((just. Tàke fingers off or away. Then of course you can sort the songs melody notes at a pleasing octave and position play them (like the chorus). Also dont be frightened to use a Capo to change the key to what pleases you best.

All comes down to practice-practice it's a journey & we're all learning all the time





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