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My name is Louis Veilleux.

I have been with Breakthrough Guitar now for a couple years now.

I guess it is about time that i introduce myself.

I am 60 years young now and i have been a fan of guitar since my teens i guess.

My journey is not very different from many others.

Started by doing lights for the band Wizz which were a bunch of my friends from school. Took a guitar course from some Victor Granholm with a cheap acoustic guitar, learn a Johnny Cash song(Folsom Prison Blues) not too well i might add.

From there i bought books and cd's and dvd's. 

I can honestly say that until i bought into the Breakthrough Guitar i did not advance much.

Now i am getting better.

I would love to not have to think too much when i play , just enjoy!
I would love to be in a successful band.

Everyone have a great day!

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Hi Louis my name is Billy. I’ve been here since December and since I have played for 50 years I myself have learned a few things since I have been here . I’m all self taught play by ear and have played a number of instruments There is always room for improvement that’s why I decided to to come here. Welcome

pick on


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