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The "Pumpkin Chord" and the Carlos Santana "Double-Scream Note"

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I have two comments/observations about the module  I recently finished: the Greatest Musical Ideas module.  While learning the Wes Montgomery Low-High chord, it reminded me of an article written by Billy from the 00's where he talks about inventing "The Pumpkin chord" that was made famous by the Smashing Pumpkins (and others) in songs such as Cherub Rock, etc. that has some similar structure/attributes to the Wes Montgomery.  I won't explain that "Pumpkin chord" structure because I'm sure you know of it or can get one of your people to track it down.  (If anybody out there is unable to easily find the Pumpkin Chord out there, feel free to contact me).
In the "Endless Lick -Jimmy Page" module, while practicing that lick (slightly incorrectly several times) I accidentally stumbled onto  the "Carlos Santana Double scream note" (that's the name that I gave it on the spot as it was the first thing that came to mind).  I think countless rockers have used this one and Carlos Santana used it a lot including in the song, Samba Para tí.  It's where you bend or pre-bend a lower pitch string while simultaneously picking the next higher pitch string one to two frets closer to the headstock so that you're playing the same note on two adjacent strings, resulting in a very thick, "screaming" emphasized note, especially on the G and B, or the B and E strings.  Again, I'm sure you already know about this one.
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CORRECTION:   I really have to execute the Santana Double-Scream Note only on the G and B strings, not the B and E strings, to get it to sound right/as advertised above.  I think there is probably a different way that to get it work on the B and E strings, but I'm not on top of that yet.

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What you call the Santana Double-Scream is what I've usually seen called a unison bend.  You bend a string up to a pitch and simultaneously strike the same note on a higher string.  Sometimes it's also played as two notes, bend up to the higher pitch and then hit the higher note.  In my mind this version is very much reminiscent of Chuck Berry.

As far as the pumpkin chord, as I understand that it is just using octaves.  Jimi (and Stevie Ray) use this technique a lot.  It's great in E where you are working higher strings and hit the open E string. 

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