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Using Capo's & Published Tabs

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Guess many players probably do some thing, similar to me. When I learn songs I often start by going to ultimate guitar site to call up their original song tab. It's a good starter but for me anyway I don't stay exactly with chords they suggest & simplify any that are complex.          Many times I'm finding that I can get closer to the tones I want to hear when playing using a capo. So for anyone who doesn't use or hasn't tried using one.  I recommend to try pick or play / strum chord notes with capo on frets 2, 4, 5 

Hope some find this helpful.


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Hi Jeff. Yes lots of people say they don't like Capo's.  But for me I've found so many classic song that sound so much better with Capo Use. Then of course the other big thing is that it's much easier for more accurate chord changes when you stretch less.

But a personal choice each to their own.

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