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10 hours ago, wild306 said:

What's the best electric guitar stings to use?

A personal choice lots of manufacturers. Johnathan has just posted a video talking about selecting 1st guitar. If you haven't seen it maybe watch. He talks about strings too at the end of the clip. I had quite heavy & brassy strings on my Takemine for years. But when I changed to D.Adderio lights it was so much easier & more pleasant, I use it much more now

I use 10 to 46's myself on both electric & acoustic. What I would recommend is using the nickel wound type, nice smooth feeling. In the clip Johnathan discussed the extra light 8 grade. Not used them myself, maybe something to tryin future.

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In addition to manufacturer, string gauge is another huge topic.

It has been shown and can be seen in a number of YouTube videos that the "heavy string is louder/heavier/more powerful" thing is not objectively true.

I'd tell anyone looking for the right strings for them to start with .10s.  The fat E string size probably doesn't matter as much as the light side.  I've tried .08s up to .13s and they are all playable, but with radically different feel.  For me, I feel that .08s are too thing and lead to me overbending a lot.  Doesn't mean i couldn't practice more with them and get that down, but the feel too thin to me.  .09s are really thin and nice but my fat fingers seem to lean towards .10s lately.

Of course, any gauge change means checking and resetting  intonation and, probably, you vibrato, if you have one.  Possibly neck relief too.  Basically a full setup should be done when changing gauge.

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