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Link: https://forms.gle/8e7NcRa4vjmEHyrv8 I am emailing you today to ask if you would be interested in participating in a research study I am conducting about the connection between playing the guitar and mental and physical wellness. I am conducting this study for my AdventHealth University English 102 class with Professor Stefanie Johnson.

I have been a guitar player/singer-songwriter for over 20 years and would greatly appreciate your participation and insight into this topic and how the guitar has influenced your life.

The benefits associated with participating in this study include gaining knowledge of the role, playing guitar has on our daily well-being as musicians.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me before making your decision about whether to participate. I can be reached via email at Brian.Dowsett@ahu.edu or my English professor at Stefanie.Johnson@ahu.edu with any concerns.

Best Regards, Brian Dowsett 

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Be interesting to know the population density of BTG members by age. Maybe a bit too personal individually & women of course always want to keep their age a closely guarded secret. Me & I know many have taken to becoming proficient guitar players (musician's) as retirement project after finishing paid employment as it's both mentally challenging & work out for your dexterity.  Maybe something like this is available from BTG admin'.

Just a thought.  Alan

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Geof, I'm not surprised, from generation grow'g up between the 1960 to 1980's there was so much good quality music that inspired many of us to be musically oriented & want to play guitar or similar.

Now in this electronic age & kit available. I'm thinking about my spark amp, loopers for backings and the like together with on line learning available, guitar's a great hobby & learning experience.

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