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Call & Response

Alan Desmond

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Seen a lot of new guys joining BTG lately. Topic we all have to work out is how to mix chords with scales & position play.

Some time ago I posted the attached sheet (a good example for beginners in  basic major keys).  You can use the similar approach for minor chords too Just use the minor chord shape, then minor pentatonic patterns from key note.


Call & Response.jpg

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Something you'll discover, when you play a chord & when playing note sequences is nice. Very often at end of a phrase a chord gives the piece body before going into the next verse or chord. Suggest u google Samurai Chord & listen to some of Marco's music. Or if you want Blues you can get some ideas from Brian at activemelody.com.

Don McClean's Vincent (liked for years) just worked up a version maybe u like  try. Listen to song a few times first.  Start with G chord play notes of chord ending on b string for night. Then go to Am play notes of chord for paint your pallet blue and grey. Next line of song is repeat of notes of Am.  Then the last line of the verse you go to C chord play those notes & end by strum g chord.

The now I think I know part & rest u can play up & down as song dictates as the Ionian major scale starting at G note on 5th fret.

Keep up the work on dexterity and the course and you'll find you can use and apply things you come across elsewhere like this.  Hope this helpful.

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