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Call & Response

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Seen a lot of new guys joining BTG lately. Topic we all have to work out is how to mix chords with scales & position play.

Some time ago I posted the attached sheet (a good example for beginners in  basic major keys).  You can use the similar approach for minor chords too Just use the minor chord shape, then minor pentatonic patterns from key note.


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Hi Randy. while ago since u replied.

In more recent post you'll know I like classic songs 1990's. Last one from my music book Pete Segar's song. Where's all the flowers gone (example of that call response  style). I put capo on fret 2 play it in C. "For the title line" just pick the notes of the C chord and then play F chord & G chord as response. For the "picked by young girls every one". I find it's nice pick with notes F chord. Then u can just work the rest of melody from major scale on d & g strings going to A string for ending.

Maybe give it a try if you like this type of music. Cheers for now Alan

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Let me add the chart again. I've been using this a lot myself. It's good to Arpeggiate the chord notes (pick them not strum) take finger off & use open strings. Particular the d string where U  mix between D and E and g string mix Between A and G and of course the b string where you've B and C followed by position play start melody from key notes at frets 5 to 7. Can create some great stuff & of course add full chords & triads.


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