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Backing Tracks Modes

Desert Jim

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When a backing track doesn't have any kind of a mode label or minor label, I used to assume it meant the track was in the default "ionian" mode.  However when today's weekly backing track came out, even though it didn't have a mode label, and simply said "heavy rock in A", after listening to it I realized that my Ionian mode assumption may not be a safe assumption.  That's because it almost sounded like it was in some other non-Ionian, because it had a hint of minor and odd feeling to it.  For example, maybe it was in a dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, aeolian, or locrian mode?   Or will non-ionian backing tracks always show what alternate mode it is composed in?  Or could one backing track actually occupy more than one mode?   Any answers or thoughts?

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Jim only a suggestion I haven't tried it .myself maybe tomorrow. I tend to like more classic songs myself taking tabsfrom sites like ultimate guitar & working my own versions mix chords arpegiatng them, playing open strings. Using scale formats and position play from octaves, like the G & C at fret 5 or A at D7 can work out nice. Mix it up have fun with.music.

Responding to your question. I assume you've got sheet from course of 7 scales (see in forum I've posted a few times with an add on to identify what's major & what's minor.

But Of course you could try playing from E string 5 know'g  it's A so give minor pentatonic a try, see what it sounds like also try from octave at D7 or A12.. or if don't sound good try major pentatonic 

Remember no rules in music. There's a tip in the para above. If you check you will find the same note occurs by going 5 frets along and 1 string down like A at D7 and A at A12.  Enjoy your discoveries.







Learn notes on the guitar fretboard quickly.png

Pentatonic Patterns_.jpeg

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