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Hi, my name is Randy

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Hello, my name is Randy,

I am new to Breakthrough Guitar.  I picked up some fairly nice guitars to do something I have always wanted to do my whole life, learn to play guitar.  This is my retirement project.  I started teaching myself about 6 months ago (I took a couple of lessons but felt these were limited help), and now that I am finally retired, I can devote even more time (I have tried to play some every day).

I have purchased the first series, "Navigation Courses - Guitar Freedom Formula".  I also see that it is recommended to get "Application Courses - The Academy".  At $597 for each series this seems like a very expensive system.  I also noticed there are other even higher modules, "Accelerator" and "True Musician".  I have no idea how much these costs.  I wish there was one price for all courses.

Is it just me or does this seem to be very expensive to other people as well?

Anyway, I did purchase the first series and I am working through it.  I get most of what I have seen in the first series of courses but have yet to get my fingers to hit all the right notes without thinking about it.  I know, practice, practice, practice, practice.

By the way, the three guitars that I have settled on after trying several are a Gibson Les Paul Classic, a Martin 000-18 Modern Deluxe, and a Martin 000-X2E (as a bang around version of my MD 😄).  These were all bought new.  Does anyone have any recommendations as to which would be the best to use when working through the courses, electric or acoustic?

Anyway, thank you for letting me in and for any assistance and recommendations I may get along the way.


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