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Chord change tips

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Forums been a.bit quiet lately, so thought I'd post a couple of tips,.may help some. When playing Em if you use middle & ring for the Em, the index finger of fretting hand's free to make C easily.

Then I saw a steve style clip. Another way to go G to C. Means u play 3 finger G playing G at E3, B at A2 open D open G, but use ring finger at the D 3rd fret.

To make a C just drop index & middle fingers down 1 string to play C note at A3 the E note at D2 leaving ring finger at B3. It's a slight different voicing as the high C is replaced with D. But it works for some songs. (mayb worth investigating & giving options when you play).

Cheers f now. Alan

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To amplify, I highly recommend any of Danny's videos.  His approach to fingering chords is so efficient and after playing for years I am blown away that I was never taught or figured out what he's doing.  When you think about the way the different open chords are fingered and look at what notes are common and you can finger without moving between chords, or move the same shape, it really opens up a whole new easy of play.

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Hi folks. For guys learn'g 1st position chords. An interesting one not often mentioned but dead simple to play. If you've done horse with no name song you'll know.

It's f#m. You take your Em at fret 2 that's BE notes, u simply move finger pattern one string outward to play the f# at low E and A at the G the open notes on other strings all work nice. Just look at ur keys family sheet & you'll see where u can best use it  Me I've played that f#m before as a triad A high E, then 6th G= C# and 7th B for f#.  But the fingering is so much easier from the Em position.

Hope it helps a few, I say we stumble over / learn  nice things all the time.

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