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Hi, all, Joe here!


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I'm a 'in my sixties' hobby-level player who's enjoyed playing for many decades now (since my teens), but have struggled to adapt due to an injury to my left index finger (I know, of all fingers to injure!), which also occurred in my late teens. Since then, I've never been able to use this finger other than in a 'barre' type position, due to loss of a significant portion of the fingertip. I've learned to adapt somewhat (example, always playing a 'baby' C chord by barring the B and E strings on the first fret with my 'bad' index finger, then fingering the G note on the high E string with my pinky finger. Cumbersome in some situations, but I made it work.

I guess due to always feeling compromised as a player because of the injury, I never seriously attempted to take my playing to the next level. Because I can still carry a good tune and entertain a room (I'm a decent vocalist), I guess I settled for the status quo. But recently I've been able to develop a very workable prosthetic tip for my finger that has actually restored probably 95% of my ability to use the index finger the way a guitarist should (can't really do slides without risking damage to the prosthetic), so I'm pretty psyched to try to ramp up my playing ability, which is why I joined the BGA.  While my time is somewhat limited for using the BGA site, and for playing in general (we're in the middle of relocating to a new home), I'm looking forward to digging deeper into the resources you provide here on the site!

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Thanks, Geof, I know! I was reminded of this when I was watching a Black Sabbath concert on AXSTv this past weekend, and saw his (also homemade) prosthetic fingertips - I had forgotten he had done that. Unfortunately, it took me years to figure out how to make something that would actually work and stay in place consistently, a lot a experimentation but I finally got there!

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