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For Guys with finger stretch problems

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This one responding to Gari Umari. You posted little while ago looking for ideas on using two finger and easier chords. Take a look at your mail in facebk group where I've attached some sheets / ideas. One is a thing called faded (I would need ur email if you want me to forward the original posted clip). The second is a two note melody in Dm, so make your own mix & add in other in family chords Am and F.  Give it a whirl, hope u enjoy.




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This (tab) lick called faded that I liked, attached, & took from the web. Been messing with it, Realised you can play a nice complimentary lower pitch addition to it by starting from the f shap note at d string fret 4, just follow original note pattern to fret 13 (highest note) and come back using the A string with the original pattern.

I did look at the f sharp as key note E2 but didn't like that too much, but you can make a nice ending on the higher frets of the low E.  If u like this simple type of music with run ups-, give it a try.


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