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Classic Songs 1960-90's

Alan Desmond

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General chat. Although web's full of clips & ideas from everywhere. I often use my old song book for material to play & learn. From 1990's when I first tried to learn. There's so many great songs from that era. I use this book att'd & there's 5 other volumes of classic songs. Not sure if you can still get it. But I'll give u all the ISBN number 0-86001-759-1 

Useful for anyone needing inspiration. Ive just made up my own version of Pete Segers song where have all the flowers gone, it's a typical call & response song. Nice in key of C with Capo on 2.

I've worked up my own song sheet, a mix picking notes from chords & full chords (for body) & position play, I'll post if anyone would like a copy.



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While ago I posted info about chasing around fretboard. If you go 5 frets towards the bridge & 1 string down you find same note. Course it works with 2 note chords too. In last song Ive been working on. Pete Segar's where have all the flowers gone. Rather than reaching around A at fret 2, so much easiér to play shapes on d & g strings up & down from A note at D7. Of course look for warp zone if u use g to b. it depends on position play note pattern but worth giving it a try if it makes it easier to get the sound u want.

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