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Anyone Looking for Inspiration

Alan Desmond

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Hi fellow BGT members. I came across something rather special in my mail feed. A guy playing Carlos Santana's Samba Pa Ti. Maybe try urself if u like his style of music. If ur using a Spark Amp or similar turn delay & reverb 1/2 way up.

Basic melody line is C-D-E-C-D play twice from C at d string fret 5 goes to the C at e8 and back to d at G7.T        Then immediately move to G at b string fret 8 and play the g-a-b at frets 8-10-12 & back to the a  b string 10 the G at 8 finish with f# to G at 12th on G string.

That's a starter. Play/add to that note sequence as you feel. I'm play'g from C note at fret 10 on d string. But any other C key note should also be fine. Opportunity to E-F#-G as it suits. Just my opinion really nice classic Santana.

Those who are good at bends & play'g tremmelo's will enjoy. If anyone would like this clip I rec'd let me know & I'll fwd alandesmond2014@gmail.com

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Working with Carlos Santana piece, just a personal thing, think the pattern is better played in Key of G. You Can add to  & improvise that basic pattern up & down all over the fret board & add. Bends slides extensions as you feel.  I find it has a nice resolution if you want using E F# G. I can't take any credit just playing with it. Love this great music from the master. 

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Folks if u would like to hear the masters inspirational version google Santana live Samba Pa Tia A. at the House of Blues.  But obviously the likes of us BTG students need to improvise..  if you'd like but can't access via google let me know via E mail and I'll try forward from G mail.


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Hi folks just me & what I'm still doing with this piece after the home riff from G at 5th (GABDA) then playing up & down the g string from D at the 7th, your all set to play octaves at 12th fret (just adjust when you go to b sting for the 1 fret shift

I'm listening to Santana's other parts that are easily playable. Remember there's a nice G chord fret 7 (GBE strings D shape) maybe fit when it feel right.

Heh mix it up have fun.

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