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Fred Soukup

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That certainly is YOUR CHOICE @Fred Soukup. That is the beauty of the Guitar Freedom Formula Platform. It is there whenever you want to access it.

You can go at your own pace, learn things that are More important to you first, then move on to the other Amazing Content that Jonathan provides.

I remember when I first purchased the Guitar Grid 101 Course. As soon as I learned pattern 1 and was able to solo along with Backing Tracks on YouTube in any key.....I was hooked. I really couldn't believe how easy it really was? I played guitar all my Life by ear, around 50 years. I do flat picking to a degree, but that is by ear as well. I never learned any theory or notes / chord names etc. 200% by ear. I couldn't even read tab...lol

I also remember, there was no Lifetime Membership available at that time, So, I was put on a wait list until the Lifetime Option was available.

I signed up the day Jonathan's Team at Support emailed me. I was Never so excited about something in my life. I don't think....lol Well, maybe my Wedding Day - wink - wink 😜

Been a member ever since, and loving every minute of it. I have a New Found Love for Guitar since I started. I learned More from Jonathan in 2 or 3 weeks, than I have in 40 years or more non my own.....CRAZY - EASY!!



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