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Guitar Grid Mastery light goes on!


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Just recently I was concerned that when playing the different Major patterns I was very dependant on the numbers of the notes to gain the appropriate frets etc. I’ve been thinking this through on the basis of thoroughly understanding the freedom key pattern (middle finger stretch, ring finger stretch and big stretch). To help me target the right string pattern for each note number, I decided to write down the pattern for each note position. My idea was to review various note position patterns throughout the day when the guitar isnt available so that I can help cement the appropriate patterns in my brain. My breakthrough came as I reviewed the write up and found a simple way to put the appropriate patterns into memory. Based on the 1st stretch type used I found this pattern which is really helpful if you know the freedom key structure.

1st Note  2 Big Stretches

2nd Note 1 Ring Finger Stretch

3rd Note 1 Middle Finger Stretch

4th Note 1 Big Stretch

5th Note 3 Big Stretches

6th Note 2 Ring Finger Stretches

7th Note 2 Middle Finger Stretches

(The key is after the number of stretch types associated with the note numbers, the next string moving from low to high pitch will be the next stretch type in the freedom key)

This has really helped me in opening up the fretboard and helped me improve my improvisation up and down the whole guitar. It’s also helped me to develop a wider muscle memory than just following the 7 patterns. With this and the final few videos of the  Guitar Grid Mastery I seem to have experienced an explosion of light and therefore my breakthrough.

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Hi Jeff. Think the music learning is like that when something clicks and you say why didn't I see and realise that before.

Like I'm finding when play'g an A chord it's so much easier for me if I use my index finger on the g string with middle on d string and ring on b string. I find it much easier to move to other positions. Maybe just me but if you too don't like the published more cramped version, maybe a little thing worth trying.

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