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Deadened Bar Chords - Advice for lesson.

Guest Eric C

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Within the lessons, is there a place that will really, really help me get my index finger (and my hand) able to play bar chords?  Not a 5 minute video.  But a real lesson.
- Does my finger really need to become like one big callus?   The notes are mostly deadened.
- Do I need to increase my hand strength?  Once I think I have got the bar correct, adding other notes with the rest of my hand just means all sound bad.
- How far do I need to roll my index finger?

- I should state that barring two or three strings everything seems to be going ok.  But more than that it just doesn't work.  

- Not being able to play bar chords, has led to multiple "pauses" and frustration with learning the guitar.


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It's difficult to diagnose the issue you are having without seeing you play.

Experiment with the pressure you apply with your fretting hand until you find the correct balance.

Also experiment with playing on different "string sets."

Talk over the issue with any friends you may have that play (especially if they are teachers.)

Do this in a "relaxed" fashion and if anything starts hurting - STOP immediately.

Most of all, don't stress over it - you probaby will figure it out, but if you don't, lotsa people play guitar without barre chords their whole life.

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in effortless Barre Chord course, Jonathan mentions pressing down on the high E string with the second knuckle.  If you use that as your focus, point, it really helps play the barre well.  I notice when I do it, that you have to get your left wrist lower down toward the floor to exert more of that pressure.  Hope this helps

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