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Hi to everyone from Germany


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I am Ronald and I was born in Hamburg but moved to a northern island.

I started playing guitar in the age of 15 probably.

I came up to a kind of bonfire guitar playing but listened to music theory in school so I got a little knowledge there.

I never really made kind of training days - I just learned by playing (adding needed chords and strumming patterns etc).

57 years old now I had even man< years of no playing the guitar.

In the last 6 years I was playing my Lakewood acoustic guitar with a trio and some gigs on my island sometimes.

I decided now to grab again my old electric guitar (a white Strat / Squire from end of the 80s) to enlarge my skills - what I always wanted to do but never did ;-).

I am interested in and hear all kind of music - from all kind of Jazz to Metal (if not tooooo speedy), from Latin to Funk, from Blues to Pop

I'd like to be more flexible and constant in playing (e.g. switching easy from chords to single notes and back).

I just started Fingerpicking now.

I'd like to be able playing solo guitar as a kind of expression of my feelings when jamming with friends - no need to be a hero XD

Having a good fretboard view and connecting the pentatonic and major scale pattern I already learned is my desire...

But the first Day of the 5 Day challenge started well and gives me hope that the final goal is what I am looking for...

(I am able to stretch my fingers for that pattern and I already know that 3 notes per string major pattern...)

Thanks for reading it all XD

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2 minutes ago, Daisy said:

a man of many talents with your guitar

not really so far - my guitars and my knowledge is better than my technical skills - but thanks for your positive vibes 😉

Guess I need to watch the video again as today 'cause it's too late for me, so many thanks for that opportunity ❤️

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