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How I Started


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I started playing guitar in 1958. My first guitar was a Silvertone, I think made by Sears. It was an "F" hole acoustic. Once I started to play with others, I attached a pickup to it and bought my first amp. It was a very old used accordion amp that had tremolo. I joined a band and replaced that guitar and amp with a black Danelectro and an amp that had reverb. I don't know the brand. After that I went through an number of different guitars including an acoustic 12-string Gretsch. I joined a band again in the nineties and had a great time for a number of years. I was never really a "serious" player like some people. But, I do enjoy diddling around on my Strat and Epiphone. Arthritis is settling in so my playing time is limited by the pain.

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