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5 Day Challenge: Day 3 Post-Call Thread

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Call 3 Is In The Books!

How are you feeling? We'd love to hear from you all, so please share your thoughts in a reply below.

Jon shared some great exercised tonight. Make sure to complete the vibrato, slides and bends exercises - and if you're ambitious - combine them together!

He also shared some information about Challenge Prizes! Be sure to check those out by clicking "Learn More" under our Guitar Freedom Formula and our Breakthrough Guitar Teacher Certification sections, which are found just below the resources on the Live Challenge Page.

And remember, If you're joining late, missed tonight's live call or just want to watch either any of the calls again, you can watch them on demand at the link below!

5-Day Lead Guitar Lightbulb Challenge

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts and progress so far.

And excited to be back on again with you all tomorrow, as we start playing in any key!

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It seems like most of the course so far is based on ideas.
I admit it: I have bee thinking i need to memorize everything.

I stumbled on finding the backing tracks....... Now i know there is a link in the pdf 

document for course material.

Good, non-traditional approach to teaching how to make music with the guitar.

Thanks, Jay

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I have practiced vibrato, slides, and bends. I was surprised that the phrasing lesson did not include hammer-ons and pull-offs.  While I appreciate being introduced to different aspects of the the overall system, I wish last night's lesson ran less than one hour. I am interested in the teaching aspect of the system as I am a certified math and English teacher who still loves playing guitar. Thanks again for taking the time to do this. Vic 

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