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I purchased many tools from them but no kits.  Given that the hard part is already complete in the kit [the body is complete and drilled AND the neck is essentially complete except for fret dressing], all you are doing is attaching neck and finishing the guitar.  But after looking at the "How to" pdf, you will spend as much or more on guitar tools than on the kit.  Also, it uses a lot of luthier words in the directions such as gluing cauls.  You will have to make these yourself - very easy use cheap wood and just watch a few guitar building videos.

I attended a guitar building school in 2006 so that I could work on my own guitars.  Today, a lot of that is on u-tube, etc.  Good luck!!!  BUT please consider building a solid body bolt-on neck for your first project... then the 335.

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Have built 2 of their amp kits - Excellent details included and the amps work great !  Have now gone on to build other amps - Don't think I'll ever buy another amp - Too much fun building your own - 

Now have a guitar kit on order from Stewmac to try my hand at that - 

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