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A Masterpiece!!

Glenn Gay

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Good morning all you wonderful people. I hope the day brings great things your way. I know there are very many different types and styles of music. I have always been a fan of experiencing different genres and styles of music, and mom, may she RIP was always a Traditional / Country type lover. One of her favorite artists back in the day was Roger Whittaker.

Her favorite song by this artist was "The Last Farewell". The lyrics became a favorite of mine as well, and the over-all calmness of the song always brought me feelings of joy, and sorrow to my extent, but in a More calming manner.

Below is a link to this Masterpiece. I know there are many that may not be into this kind of music, and I do understand that. I was in a sentimental state and just thought I would like to hear this song, and then I thought....there may be plenty of you that would enjoy this song as well.



The Last Farewell (Live) - YouTube Music

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Thank you Glenn!!!  The Last Farewell is a masterpiece!!!  And what a beautiful voice and images.  It definitely warms the soul of those who have lost a loved one.  I am also a traditional country lover.  Sorry to hear your mother is gone.  I'm sure her light is shining through you and she is very proud of your music.

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@Fred Soukup - I am a HUGE Jim Croce fan. One of my favorite albums - Photographs and Memories.

@John Long - Yes, that song is certain is a Masterpiece. I too am a Traditional Country fan. At the age of 8 years old,

my oldest brother, 20 years older than I, and my next oldest brother would get together and play all the old Country greats. 

The Old "OUTLAW" country like Waylon and Willie and the boys  😁👍😎

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