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5 Day Challenge: Day 4 Post-Call Thread

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Great Day 4 Call!

How are you feeling after that call? We'd love to hear from you all, so please share your thoughts in a reply below.

Among other things, Jonathan spoke today on how to hit all the right notes in any key without thinking(even if you don't know the names of the notes!).

And with that, two more exercises for you. Be sure to practice the harmony and key changing exercises as we lead into our final day of the challenge.

If you're still interested in learning about our challenge prizes, be sure to check those out by clicking "Learn More" under our Guitar Freedom Formula and our Breakthrough Guitar Teacher Certification sections, which are found just below the resources on the Live Challenge Page.

And remember, If you're joining late, missed tonight's live call or just want to watch either any of the calls again, you can watch them on demand at the link below!

5-Day Lead Guitar Lightbulb Challenge Live Page

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts and progress so far.

And excited to be back on again with you all tomorrow, as we wrap up the 5-Day Challenge!

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Hi Jonathan and BG team, another brilliant session - thank you!

I am challenged right now to be able to have the time to practice between the daily lessons for the 5 Day Lead Guitar Lightbulb Challenge lessons, but I am following intently and absorbing like a sponge.  I really like your approach to positioning the guitar as a "tool" and that the music comes from within us - You offer just enough context to set up the lesson and then introduce 2 - 3 subtle tornadoes that  quickly germinate in the mind as you continue to explain and advance the lesson, for a series of mini-epiphanies during the hour - well done!

At the end of Day 3's lesson you said that you were going to introduce the idea of chords, keys, etc., and that you would reveal something that would be so profound and yet so elegantly simple that we might even laugh out loud... I thought to myself with an unassuming smile, I guess we'll just have to wait and see...  But you delivered!  In our Day 4 lesson just now, I had that genuine LOL moment and immediately thought to myself... Jonanthan, you were right!

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This call was simply amazing for me. It brought back a lot of trapped knowledge and memory about how to play the guitar that I thought was gone and had to be relearned.

Now I need to build the muscle memory connection from my brain to my left hand and keep doing the dexterity exercises to get my hand to function that way again. It was like a thousand lightbulbs lighting up for me tonight!

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I feel like a kid at Christmas.  I can see where this can take me.  The thought of having the ability to solo and change the key or an octave midway while not missing a beat brings a smile on my face from ear to ear!

I can't thank you enough.

My wife asked if there are more courses I can take.  I think you have a new student on your hands.


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2 hours ago, Vic R. said:

Day four was a nice lesson on applying a single pattern to songs in minor and major keys. I now feel a little stuck in a box. I want to be able to play above and below the pattern. What is the best way to take that step?

Good question.  Mine, too.  The pattern given is a major scale pattern.  Move it up a flat 3rd, and it’s a minor scale.  I would think that “rule” applies to all positions of the major scale.  The teaching i learned is that there’s five positions/patterns of the major scale as you move up the neck.  Jonathan’s pattern seems to be the pattern for the second, or Dorian, pattern, with a slight alteration……..which includes the root tone on the low E, at the 3rd fret, and the 4th note of the scale on the 5th(A) string, also on the third fret.

Maybe he’ll address that tonight.




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