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Mr. FM Helped me to memorized the big repeating pattern


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MRFM Is the accronym I use to remember the big repeating pattern. I use the letter 'F' for full instead of 'B' for big. 'M' is middle finger and 'R' is ring finger. MRFM (remember it like it is somone's name, Mister FM) is the repeating order of the pattern across the fretboard.

Pattern on the fretboard. 20211217_092401.thumb.jpg.be998754d4df97f322a4e19addda0df8.jpg

The expanded big repeating pattern.20211217_093955.thumb.jpg.eac865dcf94b34a5b93fe8f11e0d4ad5.jpg

We can see the whole pattern now. 3 'F's--2 'M's--2 'R's--Repeat. No matter where we are playing on the neck this pattern holds.

MRFM is easy to remeber and it helps me figure out how to move across the fretboard.

Another View20211217_094034.thumb.jpg.ce96dcbf433c8d242444c4e4a8e63045.jpg

The pattern starting at another spot16397586429257626616086184313710.thumb.jpg.05f418dc1d1a779712eb248f403faf7d.jpg

MRFM--Hope this is helpful. I have a method for learning the pattern up and down the neck as well, it is a little more complicated, but I will post it when I have time.

I have been playing guitar for 30 years. The lessons and teaching of Breakthrough Guitar along with learning a little about music theory have totally transformed my playing. Listen to the lessons and don't give up.

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