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Guitar Grid 101

Guest Dimitra


Guest Dimitra

Hi all! So Great to be here! I’m Dimitra… I have a quick question.. I would love 1 question answered from Guitar Grid 101…. Here is my question:

When playing the Scale Pattern 1, let’s say in A minor, as an example… which means I start on the 8th fret, which is a C note..  so my question is… would the ‘feeling number’ be a number 1? because it’s the first note of the scale pattern…OR…. would the ‘feeling number 1’ be the root note of the key, which would be the A note.. which would then make ‘feeling number 1’ , the 6th note into the scale pattern…  

I would love any clarity around this… thank you!! 

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Hi Dimitra!

If you are in the key of A minor and play pattern 1 starting on the 8th fret you hit all the right notes of the key, but the root note remains A ( feeling 1 or home ) , so you must identify the A notes in the pattern and hit on one of them whenever you want to go back home if I may say.

When you go further in the courses ( Ultimate Guitar Grid ) you will find that using pattern 6 starting on the A note on the 6th string puts you in the key of A minor with a pattern that starts on the root note.

C major and A minor are keys that share the exact same notes, that is why pattern 1 starting on the 8th fret works in A minor...the notes are all good, but because of the chords being played A note is home in A song written in A minor.

Hope this helped...if not, maybe someone else will explain it better!

Enjoy playing,


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Yes, "A" would be feeling #1 and you should start and end there and it will sound good. As stated, all of the notes in Major Scale pattern #1 starting at the 8th fret will work in A minor. If you start at 6th string fret 5 as your first note (which is A) and then slide up to c (8th fret) as your second note you can continue pattern 1 on the 8th fret and all the notes will be correct. Google Minor Pentatonic scale in Am and you can use those notes too. Major scale Pattern 6 starting on the fifth fret (A) will also work.

Have fun!

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