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Glenn Gay

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So, I was chatting with a fellow member the other day, and we were able to help each other out. She was very interested in becoming a Lifer with Breakthrough Guitar, and I helped her do that. Then we got to chatting about music, animals etc, and then I come to find out, Not only is she a pretty talented guitar player, BUT, an Amazing Artist too!!

She sent me some pics of her work, and she is making me a Wall Drum that will be both the Focal Point of my Living Room, and a very interesting conversation piece. I am only concerned about having it before Christmas, and she informed me that was not too busy right now and will probably have it ready in mid to late October.....check this out...

The first 2 pics are the drum she made me. 20 inch - Elk Hyde which is tougher, longer lasting, and has a much better tone than other hydes. I am not too concerned about the playability of the piece, as it will be a piece of Wall Art. 

the next 3 pictures are of artwork she had completed on other drums she created. The last pic, is of some of her digital Artwork.

I thought this may be of interest to some other members as well. I didn't mention her name as not to her, But, there is some incredible talent right there!!image4.thumb.jpeg.97db91253373e0f3291e5cc77438c407.jpeg

She also creates what she calls the Beaters for the drum. I of course have one of those on order as well 💖💖




image0 (2).jpeg

image1 (2).jpeg

image0 (4).jpeg

image0 (3).jpeg



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Guest RobertVes
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