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Alan Desmond

Alan Desmond

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Me a rock star!!  Dont think so at my age, ha ha.  My goal is just to become proficient at playing. True you need to practice scale patterns. As part etc of my daily warm up I go through the pentatonic patterns 1 thro 4, the reason is to get that fluency I need, but then you realise how they overlapp.  So you must'nt thing of them as individuals. Just join them together and mix.  If you play Am from E string 5th and see you will go into the next octave of A at D string 7. So joining patterns 1 and 2 then you will see you are into the BB King box or others call it the House of Blues. You can develop some nice Blues music.   As you start playing in those area's select your notes and you'll find youcan play House of the Rising Sun.  So you can play that from chords Am, C, D, F  etc  just goole it if you dont know the other three lines of chords the song uses.  There's lots of play alongs and backing tracks you can also use.  I'll attache a sheet of Triad chords you may wish to try in Am. Also some amp settings that you can experiment with as you go along the learning path.

There's so much learning and published material that allows you to develop your own techniques and Style.

Experiment and enjoy


Am Triad Chord Inversions.jpg

Amp Settings.jpg

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