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Major scale epiphony?



It appears a similar pattern to the pentatonic scale emerges for the major scale.  Here's what I think (note lower string refers strings closer to low E and higher strings refer to strings closer to high E):

The root will ALWAYS be:

  • The low note of the middle string of the big stretch
  • The middle finger of the lower "Middle" strings
  • The pinky of the lower "Rings" strings

Yves, check me out on this,




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Hi Brian!

I just checked on this and...it works great!

Again, great job noticing that. It gives one more tool to identify the root note in any pattern and you can be sure I will use it, thanks to you.

I do not know if you started playing with modes, but in this case the ``system`` does not work because we do not start with pattern 1 on the root note.

For instance if you play over a backing track in F Dorian, then you start with pattern 2 on the F root note and it changes the sequence. However, the note you find at the position given by your ``system`` for the root is the root note of the Major scale from which the F Dorian scale comes from, in this case, the E Flat Major scale. In other words, the F Dorian scale contains the same 7 notes as the E Flat Major scale. With Jonathan's system it is not necessary to know that, but I find it is good to know! And it works for all seven modes.

Again, thank you for sharing that!


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