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Just to introduce myself


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My name is Tonyd. I'm from the Liverpool area of UK. In fact those old enough to remember a song from Gerry and the Pacemakers, will remember a son Ferry Across the Mersey. I was born across the river from Liverpool in 1953. Grew up in the Merseybeat era of the sixites and having a sister 4 years older was totally emersed in the music by her and her friends. Even being taken to the Original Cavern at early age.  Minors were allowed as there was no alcohol licence  So nothing sold stronger than coffee or soda pop. There was quite a few clubs similar to the Cavern on both sides of the River Mersey and the bands of that era including The Beatles would travel around them all.

I grew up with to always play guitar and sing. Although I didn't buy my first and started playing till my 30's. I've had a love of many genres of music, including soul, reggae and of course blues. My initiation was listening to Robert Johnson BB King, Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix Had the experience of seeing Eric Clapton live and listening from his early days with The Yardbirds.

My playing is lot less accomplished than than and have a lot to learn.

I do tend to as Jonathan puts it Noodle around playing the same material and learning the odd new riff from YouTube. Seeming to plateau out and hit The Proverbial Brickwall. 

I'm here and also with the help of my fellow students To progress and become a better guitar player 

Best Regards 



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