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Hi Cockerjoe!

Yes, the B minor scale and the D major scale are made of the same 7 notes. That is why you can play over a backing track in B minor starting Pattern 1 on the 10th fret of the 6th string. Doing so you will hit all the notes of the B minor scale. The difference will be the note you consider to be the home note (root note). If you improvise in B minor, then the B notes in the pattern should be the root notes, the ones you try to land on at the end of a phrase so that it sounds good.

Using the same pattern over a D major backing track will work, but you will then find that the D notes in the pattern feel like home.

In music theory they say that B minor is the relative minor scale of D major. Any major scale shares the same notes as its relative minor scale ( like A minor and C major, they share the same notes, etc.)

I do not know where you are at in the BTG course, but if you want to start on the B note of the 6th string to play in B minor, then you would have to use Pattern 6 starting from there.

Hope this helps you!

Enjoy playing,


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