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Hello for the first time!


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Hi all, I'm new to the group and loving it so far!  I've been through a lot of video instruction courses and additionally had live lessons but haven't found anything like this course.  I can feel loads of frustration sloughing off as I plink through each video, relieved that I might actually get somewhere with this one!  I started playing when I was 14 (50 years ago!) and developed as a singer/songwriter putting chords and music together but not learning anything about the fretboard.  I played for 25 years and did ok, got a record deal at one point, but became frustrated with my own limitations and actually stopped playing for another 25 years.  In 2018 I decided to start up again, this time starting with lessons.  I'd wish I'd done it decades ago - a whole new world opened up to me the more I learned about my guitar.  But I ran into more dead ends, feeling like I was doing scales, licks, etc but not really able to put it all together so I got frustrated again until I found this course.  What a revelation!  Little by little I'm finding it's not too late at my age to progress into the player I want to be.  I don't need to be Stevie Ray, but I would like to be able to jam with other musicians and write music with some more degree of sophistication.  I've been in the business and don't have any desire to revisit, but I think it would be great to be in a duo or trio doing some light gig work somewhere for the fun of it and do some recording, which I already do at home with Logic Pro X.  I'm really looking forward to seeing more of what ya'll are up to on this forum!  ☺️


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