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Practise #1


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When playing the notes in practice #1 (one) do you strum all of the strings or play each note on the scale?  The reason why I'm asking this, is I pulled up the 'G' backing track, I'm not understanding how to go about this, it sounds terrible when playing with the back track. Please advise!

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Hi Yancie!

I will try to help, but I am not sure where you are exactly: I assume you are talking about the course Guitar Grid 101, module 3, lesson 2 , first exercise with Pattern 1 over the backing track in G Major at the bottom of the page.

If that is where you are, then you play the notes of pattern 1 starting on the third fret of the 6th string. You play them one at a time, no strumming of multiple strings. You can play the scale over the backing track, but ideally you try various notes of the pattern as you wish and try to find some note sequences that please your ear. Have fun doing it even if sometimes you do not find it sounds to your taste...keep trying....you practice the G scale and Pattern 1 so that it stays in your mind!

If you start the Pattern 1 on the G note of the 6th string, all notes should sound ok, because you are in the right scale!

Be sure your guitar is tuned though😜

Hope it helped.  If not, maybe I did not get your question properly. You can ask again!

Enjoy playing!


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