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Tascam model 12 question


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Hello fellow guitar enthusiasts,

I am a beginner guitar player, 70 years old, can pick tunes by ear, recently learned to coordinate picking and singing the tune and am still struggling trying to get proficient at getting chords clearly and hoping to eventually get them added to songs while picking and switching chords.

Just finished the Guitar gear Masterclass and am interested in getting my studio outfitted correctly. He spoke of the Tascam model 16 recorder/mixer, and before getting one I would like to get more information on its capabilities.

My 1st question is: Can you record a track, like picking, and play that track back while adding another track like piano, violin, voice or percussion and put them all together, one at a time to create your final recording?

2nd  I am assuming that the Tascam model 16 is recording digitally and its frequency response will never be as good as live performance.

I am not much of a geek, but I can eventually get a computer do what I would like it to do. I would appreciate any information the group could give me to get me further educated on my musical journey to get better.

Sincerely, Park Blaine

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