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My SOON to be "GO TO"

Glenn Gay

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@Glenn GayLooks like it is going to be just amazing! I am changing an old guitar back to a right-hand guitar that someone did an okay job of changing to a left-handed guitar. It is a Scott acoustic guitar. I switched the nut back to the proper position and glued it back in place. Replaced the bridge pins and put Kyser V09 strings on it. Still have to clean the face some more to put the pick guard back on it. Eventually I will replace the tuning pegs. They are doing the job for now. Will be a good guitar for someone just learning to play. Won't be as nice as your SG but it was free, and it only cost me $6.45 for the bridge pins as I already had the strings. Oh, and he gave me a guitar stand, capo and a Snark tuner with it. Beautiful guitar my friend. You will have to post a video of you jamming on it when it is finished.

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