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Hellow from upstate SC


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Hey all, 

I am looking forward to being part of this forum.   I have been playing guitar for many years.   I started my journey as a worship leader at a church in my 20's and 30's.   I beat my poor acoustic guitar to death but learned a lot being part of a band.   I always wanted to play electric guitar and learn how to improvise, solo, etc.   I bought and electric and an amp for my 40th birthday and hacked away for about a year.   Like many people my family and kids got the majority of my attention for the next 20 years while my guitar playing went to zero.   Now my kids are grown and the Pandenmic has pushed me to work from my home.   I now have had a lot more time to get reaquainted with my guitars.   I am thankful for the Break Through Guitar Courses which have really helped the past few months to get me to a place where I can improvise over backing tracks etc.   My next goals are to learn some new material and some old favorite songs.    I was not a facebook person so I really happy BTG started a forum. 

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Welcome @WTFish! Glad to have you here. We started the forum because it's just such a great way to connect with our students, have students connect with each other, etc. As someone who doesn't use Facebook either, I've been excited for this launch and I think it's going to only help everyone reach their Breakthroughs faster!

I know so many people who started their journey in worship. It's such an underrated way to learn guitar and practice consistently. @Brock and I were just talking about this the other day. 

What are some of the old favorite songs you're looking to learn and play?

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@Austin my problem is I love so many songs and artists.   I want to do everyting all at once.  I am a big fan of anything Allman Brothers, Clapton, Zeppelin I also like a lot of the new artists like Chris Stapleton.    I have been using Tabs to get started on songs such as 'Whole Lotta love' by Zeppelin but the real breakthrough comes when you can start connecting the tabs to chord shapes, keys,  and scale shapes so it becomes much easier to follow and learn a song.   I was learning songs by pure memorization of tabs and that takes forever if you don't connect to chord changes and scale shapes.     Thank you for being an administrator of the forum.  

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