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Hello from Ray in Ontario, Canada, new to course


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I'm new to the course. I'm learning on a baritone ukulele ... and have been told my 4 strings correspond to the bottom 4 strings on your guitars. I've been on various lessons for about 9 months, know or can configure many of the most common chords, I've been learning various strumming and fingerpicking patterns. I can now play some not too complex chord sequences with several strums albeit at slow speeds, and I can do those same chord sequences with one or two fingerpicking styles at very low speeds. Right now the chords of most music I like are too complex, too fast, too many quick chord changes, for me to succeed in playing along. So I've been a bit of a drill and practice guy.

I've now gone through, but am not finished with, the Basic Grid 101 basic course. I was impressed by the improve section and have downloaded backing tracks and am enjoying playing the "basic pattern" along with the backing track. I"m also now committed to 3+ months (and forever) of doing the finger stretching exercises. Right now I"m on the first one.

On a more personal level, I live with my partner Nancy in a remote area north of Toronto. We have deep snow and cold and are enjoying snowshoeing every day. Image attached.


Cottage roof snow 5386 1024.jpg

algonquin creek_5348.jpg

limberlost trees_8408. 1024 whiter.jpg

treeshrubshadows_NH_2159 1024.jpg

grasses_DSC0025 1024.jpg

trees in sunset_8571 1024.jpg

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