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Hi Taevin!

I don't think there is a given recipe with on line courses and that's the beauty of it, to my opinion.

In fact I would suggest you go at your own rythm. If a given lesson is understood and mastered by yourself in a matter of a few days, there is no need to wait a week for the next lesson.

Reverse is also true. If you take more than a week to be at ease with the content of a given lesson, well, fine, there is no hurry!

Building on solid bases is better than flying through The lessons of a course and hitting a wall at some point.

It also depends on your background.

I have been a member for 8 months and have learned a lot, going at a good pace with most of the courses. However, I am going very slowly with the triads courses (How to play any chord anywhere on the neck) because that was completely new to me and I am taking quite some time to remember and master all the chords voicing.

So go at your own pace and have fun! That is my suggestion!

Enjoy playing,


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