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Natural Progression After Completing Guitar Grid 101.

Pat Faircloth


I've completed Guitar Grid 101, the Blues Class with Dan Beavers, and I'm currently working through Ultimate Guitar Grid Mastery. I signed up as a life member. So, now I have lots of options to work through the other books. However, my question is; is there a suggested sequence as to how I should work through the other books. In other words; when I complete the Ultimate Guitar Grid Mastery, where do I go next, and next, and next...?

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Hi Pat!

I do not think there is one single good answer to your question. Personally, II wanted to finally play some lead guitar so, after the Ultimate Grid Mastery I went straight to Pentatoniv Fluency whichn is a great complement. Concurrently, I went gradually through Phrasing and The Greatest musical Ideas of All Time.

Perfect Fretboard Vision is also a great asset as well as Total Modal Mastery.

For Rythm Guitar I went through Know Instantly the Right Chords and How To Play Any Chord Anywhereon the Neck (a toughie for me).

Best thing for you would be to read some other members answers and make your choice based on your objectives and their input.

Good Luck!

Enjoy playing!


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@Pat Faircloth Personally, I went through the UGGM first then through the perfect practice principles. Then like you I couldn't decide so I just picked one. Then another, now I am in the process of going back through UGGM again even more slowly just to really get everything down perfectly. Now again that is just me. I have also completed a lot of the other courses and all of the mini masterclasses available to me. All have helped but again it is really up to you. Just keep enjoying playing and having fun progressing from stage to stage. You may even decide to take the Pentatonic Fluency course next. Just remember take your time have fun and you will progress.

Fred Soukup 🎸

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